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Quality Assure In China

Amazon/Shopify Clothing Checking

  • 2021-03-06

Clothing 100% inspection for Amazon / Shopify services: 

We guarantee the quality of brand clothing 0 bad comments at Amazon/Shopify

 We are the third-party inspection company in China, We provide 100% inspection for your clothing, trade mark changed and repackaging of clothes purchased by different buyers in China, so as to ensure the quality of each unit in good condition, the shop zero bad comments and No complaints! so as to ensure the quality and competitiveness of your brand.

 Service items and price:

Quality inspection: 0.4usd /pcs

Replacement trademark: 0.3usd/pcs

Assembly and hang tag: 0.05usd/pcs

Operation method: (simple and professional)

1. Send the clothes purchased by all suppliers in China to our Guangzhou inspection center.

2. After our inspectors complete the inspection in our inspection center, the qualified clothing will be replaced, and then repackaged 

    and delivered to you or delivered to the place designated by the customer.

3. The defective products will be returned to the supplier, and the supplier will check after replenishment.


We have a wealth of experience in inspection and operation process. Facing many Chinese suppliers with different styles and sizes, we will not make any mistakes. Generally, we can finish the quality and replacement work for you after we got the goods in 2-3 days, because we have many professional clothing inspectors, we need to ensure that your normal operation is not affected.


We have cooperated with a lot of Shopify and Amazon brands and help to solve their quality problems. 

They have developed very rapidly and achieved good benefits.

If you need our quality services or replace trade mark services, you can reply and contact us, we will provide you with professional solutions!

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