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How to audit factory in China

  • 2021-01-14

China as a big producer in the world. Many buyers, traders and wholesalers all over the world buy products from China. However, in the face of many suppliers, how can purchasers choose goods with good quality and low price? In the face of uneven online quotations, it's really difficult to choose. If you choose cheap products, you worry about the quality. If you choose products with high prices, you worry about being cheated. What's more, you worry about finding middlemen instead of direct factories.

How to choose a good factory is very important. Therefore, it is necessary to check the factory before placing an order. How to audit a factory? What is the content of factory audit?

1,Check and audit factory’s identifications: included factory’s certificate & business registration, the owner, factory’s name, address, location on map. Date of foundation, factory area etc.

2,Check and audit factory’s human resources information, included how many workers, quality inspector, executive personnel etc.

3,Check and audit factory’s nature of business: included business type, main products, major markets, clients, show room etc.

4,Check and audit factory’s workroom: produce lines, produce machine, test equipment, workroom situation, test lab, spraying room, warehouse etc.

5,Check and audit quality system and quality control: ISO quality certification, quality document, in coming QC record, on line QC record, QA record, test equipment calibrated record. Quality complains procedure etc.

6,Check and audit factory’s worker health, safety and social compliance: worker’s age, salary, work time, over time work time, sanitary conditions etc.

Through the above review of the factory, I believe you can find the right factory for your products. It costs not much, but it will reduce a lot of trouble for the future business. A good factory will make your business even better, and a bad factory will make you lose a lot.

For factory audit, we have 17 years of experience, we have a professional audit team, believe us, we provide you with professional factory audit services.

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