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How does the inspector perform a preshipment inspection service?

  • 2021-01-31

How does the inspector complete a pre shipment inspection service?

1. Preparation before inspection:

1) Reconfirm the inspection location and time one day in advance.

2) Inspection information preparation: Approval sample, order copy, checklist, and the inspection specifications.

3) Tool preparation: special tools, slide rule, caliper, defective arrow paper, digital camera and battery for inspection.

4) Report preparation: inspection report format and on-site handwritten report required by inspection type.

2. Arrival at the place of inspection:

1) Check the inspection quantity and confirm with factory, if less than 80% of the total quantity, report to the superior for instructions on how to inspect.

2) There should be enough space and light to select the inspection site.

3. Counting the quantity and random select cartons from warehouse on site:

1) Check the quantity of each item is consistent with the inspection quantity required by the client.

2) Random select samples size according to standard MIL-STD-105E level II or customers' requirements.

4.Inspection on site: (it is required to make detailed records for each non conformity)

1) Check the packaging method is correct:

A. Outer carton/ inner box: main mark / side mark; whether nailing; outer carton size and strength.

B. Color box: color, bar code, pattern, printing quality, etc

C. Various accessories: price stickers; instructions; guarantee card, label etc

D. Plastic bag: material; sealing or not; warning words; air hole, etc

2) Product check: (compare to approval sample)

A. Style and color.

B. Product function.

C. Product dimensions.

3) Open carton for inspection:

A. The inspector should open the outer carton and check at least 3cartons by himself.

B. Whether the color of all boxes is consistent; whether they are damaged; whether they are easy to open.

C. Open and check all products and accessories, instructions are complete and complete.

D. Take photos and record the packaging problems.

4) Product appearance inspection:

A. Each product is checked at a distance of 30cm from the eye, and checked in front, back, up, down, left and right directions, and compare to the customer's approval sample repeatedly: the design, color, size, function, switch, etc. Should be completely consistent!

B. Products with appearance problems should be marked with defective arrow paper in time and take photos for record.

C. Each unit must be check carefully, all of the defective product needs to take photos to record on time.

5) Function test for the products:

A. Every function of the product must be checked carefully, repeatedly tested, and confirm to the approval sample!

B. Check each function carefully is correct. Make sure all the functions are correct and work normally, If it is abnormal function, you need to take photos and record, also take video and report to client.

C. Each unit must be check carefully one by one, all of the defective products need to take photos to record on time.

6) Product safety test: (high voltage resistance, grounding, power, etc.)

A. According to the different products, according to the actual needs of the product and the requirements of customers to do the corresponding safety test.

B. Product safety test is very important. If one of products failed, it must be rework all the lot of goods. Unsafe products cannot be allowed to enter the market!

C. All the products need to do safety test carefully, record the problem, take photos, video records.

7) Product special test: (drop test / internal inspection / aging test / humidity test, flame retardant test, etc.)

A. According to the requirements of products and customers, different products to do the corresponding particularity test.

B. According to difference products, some of products need to be tested for a long time, such as aging test, so it need to perform at the beginning of inspection.

C. Observe the phenomenon regularly during the test, and take photos and record the abnormal phenomenon in time.

8) Dimension measurement

A. Outer carton size measurement, gross weight, net weight. Check with the data printed on the outer carton.

B. Dimension measurement of inner box / color box, gross weight, net weight of product. Check with the data printed on the inner box/color box.

C. The product size measurement is consistent with the guest sample.

D. According to the actual record, the size deviation beyond the standard should be marked on the report.

5. Check the problem points with the factory on site.

1) Compare with customer approval sample: check with factory manager and point out the difference.

2) Check the packing problem: check with the person in charge of the factory, and point out the packing problem and quantity.

3) Appearance problem check: show the defective appearance products to the  factory to check, make sure that we can not accept these defective products and need to replace or repair it before shipping.

4) Function problem check: show the abnormal product function to the factory and check, make sure these products are unacceptable to customers and need to be replaced or repaired before shipping.

5) Safety test problem check: the products with safety problems should be re tested on site to the person in charge of the factory, so that the factory can clearly know that none of the safety problems can be accepted by us, and the factory should analyze the causes of the safety problems, how to solve it, and issue solutions to the customers.

6) Special test problem check: show the products with special problems to the factory, ask the factory to analyze the causes of the problems, how to solve the question, and issue solutions to customers.

7) Check the dimension measurement problem: check with the factory, and point out which dimension has problem and need to be replace.

6. On site quality meeting at factory:

Call the quality department, production department and marketing department to hold a meeting on the problems found in the inspection.  

The inspector communicates with the factory on the problems found on site, and the factory explains the causes, identifies all problems and submits solutions. 

7. End of inspection:

All the above should be recorded in detail and mark on the on-site handwritten report, which should be signed by the factory for confirmation, then sent back to the company, and reported in detail with the company's merchandiser. After receiving the company's order, the inspector can leave the factory.

Special Attention:

In the whole process, we can't accept any benefit, invitation, bribe from the factory and ask for the money and benefit from the factory!! If this happens to the inspector, we will dismiss him immediately and call the police. And we will annunciate the inspector’s name and behavior in the China Inspection Association Group, and the quality industry will not employ him at all!

Before the inspection, the staff of our company and the person in charge of the factory clearly stated that there is no need to offer any benefits or bribes to our inspectors, because the final decision of all problems decide by the clients. If such behavior occurs, we will choose to call the police and inform the client, and factory will be bear the consequences!

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