QGS was founded in Hong Kong since 2003, we are committed to provide Product quality inspection services, factory audit, Quality Assurance in Mainland China for global customers. Our service purpose is: According to customer requirements and timely provision of quality products and services, help them to audit, secure, manage and optimize their global supply chain.


What We Offer

Quality Inspection Service

Ensure that finished goods conform to your specifications and quality.

Quality Service Included: 

Pre shipment inspection

During Product inspection

Full Check Service

Container Loading Supervision 

Supplier Evaluation

A Factory Audit can uncover problems before production. Factory audits check: factory profile, organization structure, production process, product line, production capacity, facilities & machinery, internal quality control system & related certificates and R&D, Warehouse, This can help you select a supplier with confidence.

Industrial Products Inspection

QGS has a team special for industrial which is comprised of technical managers, inspection engineers and audit specialists from the industrial sector, who are teamed up to ensure that your industrial products meet international safety standards and the requirements of your destination market.

why choose us

Our Team

280+ Full-time inspectors based in anywhere China

All QGS inspectors are well trained, reliable and experienced in the related product categories which they inspect.

30+Engineers & CS in China office

QGS has a local and western customer service team to ensure all customers'requirements can be understood correctly and completely by our engineers and inspectors.

Inspection Locations in China

QGS has 7 branch offices in China, located in Guangzhou, Ningbo, Shanghai, Tianjin, Suzhou, Qingdao, and provide the inspection service anywhere in China

Our Price & Terms

Our Price List:

Service Item


Anywhere in China

Pre shipement inspection200usd/manday
During product inspection200usd/manday
Full Check inspection200usd/manday
Container Loading Supersivion200usd/manday
Factory Audit240usd/manday

Values included:

>Only full-time local auditors, no part-time or freelance used.

>Management locally based in all major manufacturing regions.

>Guaranteed all-inclusive price, no extra charge for travelling expenses

>No extra charge for inspections on weekends.

Our Qualifications

 Certifications 1.png

How To Choose a QC company in China?

1.Full-Time or Part-Time Inspectors?

A trustworthy inspection company uses full-time inspectors ONLY.

2. Qualified or Non-qualified?

Is the QC company qualified by International Federation of Inspection Agencies or not?

3. Government Accredited or Not?

Is the QC company with Chinese government licensed & accredited or Not? 

4. Check the QC Company in Person?

Some QC companies actually consist of freelancers without qualifications.

5. The inspection fees is the competitive?

Our inspection price is very competitive in China.


Why Us

QGS offers the best inspection services (One To One Services) with the lowest complaint in China.

1,Only Full time inspectors are used

QGS insists on using only full-time inspectors to provide long-term and reliable value to our clients. 

2,Professional Team:

280+ inspectors, 30+ engineers & customer service are with at least 5 years' college education and 3 years' working experience in related fields.

3,Lower Price:

Only $200 anywhere in China, our prices are very competitive, it will save a lot of money for your company.

4, 24Hours report time

Fast response, you can get the report 24Hours after inspection, if it is urgent case, you can get the report at the same day!


We are certified as an anti-bribery management system and all our inspectors and auditors are fair and impartial. We promise to show the most authentic product quality to our customers.

6,AAA level credit enterprise

Our company is a AAA credit enterprise, this is a high honor in China, we will never be trustworthy.

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