Full Check Service


What is the Piece by Piece Inspection (100% Full Check)?

A piece by piece inspection is a service provided by QGS which entails checking each and every item to evaluate a range of variables. Those variables can may be general appearance, workmanship, function, safety etc., or may be specified by the customer, using their own desired specification checks. The piece by piece inspection, can be carried out as a pre or post packaging inspection. In the case where goods require particular attention to detail, notably if goods are products with high value, QGS is able to perform 100% inspection service. Upon completion, all products which pass inspection are then sealed to ensure that every piece included in the shipment meets your specified quality requirements.

The piece by piece inspection process, may be carried out either at your location, your supplier's location or in an QGS warehouse sorting facility. A piece by piece inspection is used to improve quality and minimize or eliminate defects. It is especially useful for those buyers who need to make sure that their goods are fully compliant and meet strict customer and market quality requirements. Our comprehensive quality control inspections help to prevent defects, metal contamination as well as other defect issues from reaching your customer and causing further action, Brand effects, costs or loss of business.

A piece by piece inspection can be done at any point during the manufacturing process to confirm defect-free shipments. In most cases however, quality control inspections are usually completed after production is finished and before shipping. QGS can offer a high level of service and assurance, due to our many years of technical and practical experience in quality control inspections.

When is a suitable time to conduct a full check Inspection?

A full check Inspection is suggested to be scheduled at least 5-6 working days before the planned loading date, so that the buyer can have enough time to check the report and decide whether to release the shipment as planned, or to discuss corrective actions with the manufacturer.

What criteria are covered in a full check Inspection?

QGS general on-site checklist for Pre shipment Inspections includes the following criteria:

To check all units:

>Quantity: packed/not packed/not finished

>Product appearance

>Performance & function tests

>Safety tests/Special tests:



>Accessories/spare parts


>Color & logo/label

>Barcode scan test

>Size & measurements for product/carton/box

>Weight: G.W/N.G of product/carton

>Carton condition

>Packing & marking

>Shipping marks

>In addition to the above aspects, we can also carry out a tailor-made checking plan according to your special requirements.

What is the cost of a full check Inspection?

Our standard all-inclusive inspection cost is 200 USD/man-day (no hidden fees) in any major manufacturing clusters in China.

Values included:

  • No extra charge for travel cost

  • No extra charge for inspections on Saturday or Sunday

  • Full-time experienced inspectors only

  • A detailed inspection report issued within 24 hours

  • Free consultancy before and after inspections