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Quality Assure In China

 QGS  was born out of a passion of being one of the leading third party quality &Engineering services company, and aim to provide one-stop technical services to global buyers, retailers as well as their suppliers in China. 

  • Enjoying enthusiastic teams of highly qualified and experienced professionals, We are able to offer you a full range of quality assurance and engineering services throughout the whole purchasing process. Include the product safety assessments and engineering at the beginning, factory audit &approval, packing checking, in-coming materials inspection, in-process inspection, final inspection and container loading checking on site etc. Of course, cover supplier quality upgrade program, on-site training and other technical documentation preparation like drawing, product specification, user manual and so on. If necessary we even provide P.O follow-up service 
  • QGS acts just as your own functional extension of Quality Assurance and Technical teams in China. You can outsource the whole QA & Technical department functions to QGS or just outsource one or more of the functions depending on your needs. Through outsourcing, you can better allocate your resources for other core areas in your business, and thereby maintain a stronger competitive edge.

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