During Product Inspection

During Production Inspection services

During production, we randomly sample the semi-finished products or some packaged finished products for check and detailed testing. This enables us to identify early problems to avoid continued production of a large number of non-compliant products, and recommend corrective measures and improvements and provide timely feedback to the clients. At this stage, we identify problems in early stage and propose corrective measures, and predict the production efficiency and time of completion.


When is a suitable time to conduct a During Production Inspection?

A During Production Inspection is normally scheduled when the production is 10%-60% finished.

What criteria are covered in a During Production Inspection?

QGS general on-site checklist for During Production Inspections includes the following criteria:

  • >Quantity

  • >Production line checking

  • >Production schedule

  • >Product appearance

  • >Performance & function tests

  • >Workmanship

  • >Assembly

  • >Accessories

  • >Material

  • >Colours & logo

  • >Size & measurements

  • >Weight

  • >Assortment

  • >Carton condition

  • >Barcode scan test

  • >Packing & marking

  • >Shipping marks

  • >Warehouse condition

In addition to the above aspects, we can also carry out a tailor-made checking plan according to your special requirements.

What is the cost of a During Production Inspection?

Our standard all-inclusive inspection cost is 200 USD/man-day (no hidden fees) in any major manufacturing clusters in China.

Values included:

>No extra charge for travel cost

>No extra charge for inspections on Saturday or Sunday

>Full-time experienced inspectors only

>A detailed inspection report issued within 24 hours

Free consultancy before and after inspections

How to Start:

1, Booking:

At least 2-3 days in advance to booking an inspection by email: ivan@qgs.com.cn

to provide inspection information: P.I or packing list, factory's contact information etc.

(Or get in touch with us online) 

2, Quotation:

We confirmed the inspection price according the order quantity base on our man-day rating. 

3, Inspection Schedule:

QGS team contacts the supplier to confirm the inspection date according to the production status.

4, Inspection at site:

QGS arrange the inspection visit the factory to perform the inspection at site as schedule.

5, Report time:

QGS team send out the report in 24Hours.

6, Payment:

You can pay to us after we did the inspection before we send out the format report, or pay to us monthly if the inspection over 10man-days/month.

Free Consultancy

After you get the report, you can reach us any time regarding quality control and product improvement, we assign one specific person following up you orders, the person is the leader of ‘your QC team’ in China.


Why do I need Factory Audit?

Don’t get in a bind working with the wrong factory, or paying a down payment to a company that you know little to nothing about. Set a strong foundation for your business by building business relationships with the right suppliers. QGS will work with you by providing you with reliable information before you begin your next import project from China.

When do I need Factory Audit?

When you are planning to start new cooperation with either new or existing suppliers, QGS Factory Audit can help you do a thorough check on the most updated capabilities of the factory.

Why do I need shipment inspections?

If you are worried about or have experienced problems such as poor quality, incorrect shipments or unreal information from suppliers. If before placing orders or making final payments, you hope to have accurate understanding about the quality of the goods and reliability of the supplier. Shipment inspections and factory audit services are your solution for all these problems.

How many days in advance should I book the inspection?

2-3days at least send us a email to ivan@qgs.com.cn for booking the inspection, though sometimes it's possible to book next-day inspections for some manufacturing clusters where QGS has a large team of inspectors, we recommend booking with us at least 2-3days in advance.

How long does it take to get my report?

Inspection report delivered within 24 hours after the inspection; same day report available if it is very urgent.

Who will I be in contact with throughout the whole process?

We assign one specific person following up you orders, the person is the leader of ‘your QC team’ in China, you can contact with your leader throughout the whole process to get the update news for your inspection.

What if I have questions after I check the inspection report?

We assign one specific person following up you orders, the person is the leader of your ‘QC team’ in China, So please don’t hesitate to contact us whenever you have any questions. Our service team is always available even after the inspection is completed.

When and How to pay the inspection fees?

You can pay to us after we did the inspection before we send out the report, and you can pay to us monthly if the inspection man-days over 10 times in one month.