Insdustrial Product Inspection

QGS Providing Industrial Products Inspection Service.

QGS provides quality control services including product inspections for a great variety of industrial products.

Within QGS 280+ full-time inspectors, there's a dedicated department for industrial products which is comprised of technical managers, inspection engineers and audit specialists from the industrial inspector, who are teamed up to ensure that goods strictly adhere to buyers’ agreed quality plan, drawings and contractual specification.

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What are the industrial products we inspect?

Metal products

Steel rails

Steel plates

Galvanized coils

Aluminum products

Steel pipes and fittings

Pressure Vessels and Piping

Storage tanks

Heat exchangers

Pressure vessels

Reaction vessels

Pipes and piping equipment


Boiler and Prime Power Equipment


Internal combustion engines

Steam turbines

Hydraulic turbines

Wind power generation equipment

Pumps, Valves, Compressors





Vacuum equipment

Material Handling Equipment





Mining machines

Spare Parts, Components






What criteria are covered in an industrial Inspection? Our inspector follow up the TPI requests and standard.

QGS general on-site checklist for industrial Inspections includes the following criteria:

Quantity details at site.

Product appearance




Material Test Certificate. (MTC)

Chemical Test

Physical Test

PMI Test

Special Test for difference product’s request.

Marking on units

Packing condition

In addition to the above aspects, we can also carry out a tailor-made checking plan according to your special requirements.

What is the cost of a pre shipment Inspection?

Our standard all-inclusive inspection cost is 238 USD/man-day (no hidden fees) in any major manufacturing clusters in China.

238usd/man-day included all the expense:

No extra charge for travel/hotel/meal cost

No extra charge for inspections on Saturday or Sunday

How to Start:

1, Booking:

At least 2-3 days in advance to booking an inspection by email:

to provide inspection information: P.I or packing list, factory's contact information etc.

(Or get in touch with us online)

2, Quotation:

We confirmed the inspection price according the order quantity base on our man-day rating.

3, Inspection Schedule:

QGS team contacts the supplier to confirm the inspection date according to the production status.

4, Inspection at site:

QGS arrange the inspection visit the factory to perform the inspection at site as schedule.

5, Report time:

QGS team send out the report in 24Hours.

6, Payment:

You can pay to us after we did the inspection before we send out the format report, or pay to us monthly if the inspection over 10man-days/month.

Free Consultancy

After you get the report, you can reach us any time regarding quality control and product improvement, we assign one specific person following up you orders, the person is the leader of ‘your QC team’ in China.