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Quality Assure In China

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"High Quality, Best Service" is the principle which we following. And is the key-point that we develop so fast. 

THE FUNDAMENTAL REASON YOU NEED TO PARTNER WITH QGS IS OUR EXPERIENCE We differ from all other companies in that we provide a platform that allows you to get directly to the source, and we therefore do not create an additional middleman layer because our business is focused around services. QGS and the management team have got extensive experience in dealing with China. We are well versed and experienced in your type of business and have operated in retail, wholesale and distribution – so we understand your needs.


We usually charge 5 percent of the total value as our commission for all the service we provide to help you import goods from the factories in China. Why our customer chooses us, not from the factories directly to save the three percent commission? We aim to create values for our customer, We help our customer to get better price, control the risk and save the time to import from China. We believe that we can create more than 5 percent values for our customer through our service.

Our Advantage:

  • Professional sourcing team:

Cooperate with QGS, Will be same convenient as you have one own purchase company in China. Your work will be carry on by our seasoned and professional staffs. you will save time ,save money and save energy.

  • Good Quality Factorys ready for you Choose:

QGS as a High Quality Hotelware’s sourcing company, We have accumulated more than 1500 High Quality suppliers ready for you choose! All the suppliers we have visit and audit, and well know their product’s quality. We will choose the best supplier for you order.

  • Price principle:

 We usually charge 5 percent of the total value as our commission for all the service.

  •  Quality Control all the process:

  Your goods will be under good quality control. you never worried about the quality question, and goods have any difference than ordered. From the order placed, approval sample collect, product produce, packing, to arrange shipping, loading, we will arrange our QC 

  to follow up to do the quality control, and take out the inspection report with picture.

  (we will send you the sample check report, during produce inspection report, final inspection report, loading inspection report.)

  •  Punctual shipping date:

All the process under our control, you don’t worry about the shipment date delay.

  • Safe and easy

Our work helps you save much precious time and energy and make all the deal much easier. We will follow up the orders, 

inspect the goods, arrange all the shipping documents issues and all the other works for our customer. 

We do all the rest Job for our customer. For our  customer, Importing from China is very easy!

  • We special sourcing included:
  • Hotelware products:
  •  Luggage,trap,toilet set
  •  Hotel furniture
  • Chemical material :
  • Polypropylene
  •  Machine:
  • Second-machine forklift
  • Packing machine
  • Straw machine
  • Hard Goods:
  • Clocks & watches
  • Furniture & furnishings
  • Household utensils
  • Kitchenware
  • Packing material
  • Electrical & Electronic Items:
  • Home appliances
  • Light & lighting

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