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Container loading supervision:

More and more foreign purchasers buying products in China, but they receive products that are inconsistent with the actual orders, such as products that are inconsistent, poor quality, insufficient quantity of products, problematic containers, and even empty containers, resulting in great economic losses.

To avoid the above, we recommend that you use our container loading supervision (CLS) service. Sometimes we call it "container loading inspection". It takes place in the warehouse of the manufacturer or the business place of the freight forwarder.

In the process of supervision, we should not only supervise the correct loading and quantity of products, but also check the correct packaging and quality of goods. 

A report with complete information will be sent to you by email within 24 hours,you can make the final decision according to the report if anything goes wrong.

Container Loading Procedure:

Our professional inspectors will come to the loading location in person to represent the interests of your company:

Inspection before container loading:

1. Record loading conditions (weather, container arrival time, container number, truck number, etc.)

2. Check the containers for damage, leaks, moisture, mildew, consistent container number printing, etc.

3. Check the goods before loading:

A. Is the product correct? Is it conform to the clients requirements?

B. Is the product quantity sufficient? Is the quantity conform to the order and packing requirements?

C. Random select products to check whether the product quality is good? Meet the customer's requirements?

D. Is the package complete? Good?

Inspection during container loading:

1. In the process of loading, it is not allowed to use violence to load. It should be placed with care and according to the customer's requirements.

2. In the process of loading the container, we should count the number of products, not more or less.

3. At the beginning of loading, 1/4,1/2,3/4,4/4, carefully check the position and take photos.

4. After all the goods are loaded, check again whether the quantity is completely conform to the order, and check whether there are any goods left unfilled.

Inspection after container loading:

After checking that there is no problem, check the number of the cabinet lock. After checking that there is no problem, lock the container and make sure that it is completely locked. Take photos and record.

Your benefits:

1. Ensure the safety of the transaction and avoid the risk of being cheated!

2. Reduce the risk of wrong quantity, wrong product or goods damage!

3. Avoid the risk of receiving products with poor quality!

4. Save money, our charge per container is very low, save your money! 

Please check the loading supervision report here

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